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"The best music video of 2016 was actually shot in 1966." Like "the shot heard round the world," that Monday, November 7, 2016 article that appeared on The Perlich Post was a wake-up call to all the garage rock aficianados in the English-speaking world and beyond. Travis had taked some rusty cans of film to Deluxe Labs, and they were able to restore some footage from the badly deteriorated last-know print of Feelin' Good, and Travis put them up on YouTube, three by Travis and the Brattle Street East, and three by the Montclairs, including the title song "Feelin' Good." As word spread, U.K.-based State Records negotiated a deal to release the two songs Travis had performed on the Charles River Esplanade on the bank of the Charles River.
With the advent of his Feelin' Good album, Travis and his younger brother, Adam, have averaged a little better than an album a year of songs from Travis' back catalog. And while they were at it, Travis also released a memoir, and a 50th Anniversary Edition of Demo Derby on DVD. Travis showed no signs of slowing down, so Harvey arranged another chat with Travis, about the new album, the origins of the songs he and Adam had most recently recorded, and with attention to every track on the Feelin' Better CD.
And then, just to be sure the holidays were merry and bright at Otherworld Cottage, the Shindig! BEST OF 2017 issue listed State Record's "Watch Out Woman" and "The Way That I Need You" as its number 3 single of the year. And that was more than enough to get Lenny Helsing to work on a long-from in-depth interview with Travis for It's Psychedelic Baby.