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In UGLY THINGS MAGAZINE, SUMMER-FALL, 2018, #48 Jon Kanis reported: As an ardent Doors fanatic/scholar, I am happy to report that Harvey Kubernik's latest compendium, The Doors Summer's Gone, has a slew of fresh first person interviews that add substantially to the unde4rstanding and documentation of one of America's most significant musical goups.”
In GOLDMINE MAGAZINE, AUGUST, 2018 Lee Zimmerman reports in Quick Picks it's "A fascinating oral history told in remarkable detail, this is a Doors bio that ranks among the most expansive.”
SHINDIG! MAGAZINE'S Issue #890, June 2018,Grahame Bent's review reporst: "Interestingly, esteemed chronicler of West Coast rock and pop history Harvey Kubernik's tome doesn't freadily fit into the traditional categories of rock biography or band histories. Rather what Kubernik has come up with here is an equally entertaining and illuminating anthology of assorted interviews, eviews, recollections and eye witness accounts."
Andy Pearson's review in reports: “Harvey Kubernik has optred to gather together rare or exclusive iunterviews and recollections with people who were there at the time, ranging from the band members themselves to original fans and acquaintances, to relate memories that really capture what amde is special for them...that I enjoyed so much and I'm sure anyone else, from rabid fan to appreciative listener, will do the same.”
Read the Testimonials from from Daniel Weizmann, editor, writer and author of Drinking with Bukowski; Music journalist, columnist, recording historian, and musician Gary Pig Gold; Gene Aguilera, East L.A. music historian and author of Latino Boxing in Southern California; Kent Kotal of Forgotten Hits; Jan Alan Henderson, author and contributor to FilmFax Magazine, Cult Movies, and American Cinematographer and Michael Simmons of MOJO, High Times praise Harvey Kubernik's The Doors Summers Gone.