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Read the overwhelmingly positive reactions from college music and cinema professors, producers, deejays, musicians, writers and other entertainment industry mavens to Harvey Kubernik’s galleys of Docs That Rock, Music That Matters!
Music Connections magazine's September, 2020 review calls Harvey Kubernik's 19th book "the definitive volume for fans, collectors, music and film student to cherish and share with anyone who follows rock and roll facts and stax of wax from the '50s into out current century . . . another passionate and uniquely informed treasure chest of rock and soul revelations."
Shindig! magazine’s September, 2020 Four-Star review of DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS reports:"The hugely prolific Harvey Kubernik L.A. scenester and rock and pop historian extraordinaire turns his all-seeing eye to the history, evolution and esthetics of the rock and pop documentary in this his latest highly detailed and immaculately researched volume . . . Kubernik's vast personal archive Docs The Rock, Music That Matters, offers the reader a mutli-faceted, fact crammed insider view of a selection of the most significant popular music documentaries and tv shows from the 60's onwards."
Fear and Loathing Fanzine's review of DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS reports:". . .there really is a lot here for any music fan who really wants to know more about the way things have developed over the years. This is certainly a book that will give you plenty to think about."